Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What type of dye should I buy?

i have realli dark brown hair...like almost black...and i want to make it a lighter brown. Not realli light just enough so that it is not black and its brown.

what type should i buy?....i was thinking the loreal one looks like a good type.

no. i dont want to go to the salon to get it done. i kno wen you do you get better results but im onli talking about buying dye right now.

What type of dye should I buy?

if you already have color in your hair, then only your new roots will be the new color that you buy.....you would have to strip the color out, and that is only done by a professional.....if your hair is natural then go to sally beauty supply and match your hair color to the samples they have there and find the number that goes with it, then pick the number you want and do it. use at least a 20 volume peroxide. good luck.

What type of dye should I buy?

You're going to need one that says 'high-lift' - a regular box dye won't lift (lighten) your hair enough. I think Garnier 100% Colour has some of these, as does L'Oreal Preference. It'll have a little picture of dark 'before' hair somewhere near the top.

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